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What Can Go Wrong When Installing Your Own Fence

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Think you can save money by installing your own fence? If so, you may find that you are in well over your head after you start the job. Here are some common problems that you can run into when performing your own fence installation. Not Installing The Posts Deep Enough They key to having a sturdy fence starts with the depth of your fence post installation. A good rule of thumb to follow is to place ⅓ of the fence post underground to give the fence stability. Read More»

Top 3 Affordable Options For Fencing

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Adding a new fence to your yard can beautify your property while improving privacy and security at the same time. With a new fence, small children and pets will also be much safer. Homeowners on a budget will be pleased to learn that there are some very reliable fencing options that are also surprisingly affordable. Here are three fencing options that provide a lot of functionality with a small price tag: Read More»