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Keep Safe Around Your Electric Gate With These Safety Tips

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If you want to install an electric gate form a company like Morris Fence Co on your property, you'll enjoy greater security and control. Here are a few safety tips that you need to keep in mind.

#1 Keep The Gate Controls & Gate Separate

The first thing you need to do is think carefully about where you want the gate and where you want the gate controls to be located. The gate and the gate controls should not be located right next to each other. You should not be able to reach through your gate and access the gate control. For one, this decreases the overall security of your gate. It also presents safety issues, as someone could reach through the gate, access the controls and engage the gate, and get stuck inside of the gate as it starts to move.

It is best to keep your gate controls away from your gate for security and safety reasons. Your gate controls should be located a car-length or more away from your gate, and over on the side as well. This will prevent someone from reaching through your gate and activating your controls.

#2 Implement All Safety Measures

Second, you need to make sure that your gate features and implements all of the latest safety features that are on the market.

For example, your gate should have a laser that goes across the bottom and top of your gate to detect movement and objects that are in the path of the gate. If anything is in the path of the gate, the gate should stop. This product is often called a responsive motion sensor.

Your gate should also have an emergency release mechanism that will allow you to stop the gate from moving in the case of an emergency. This mechanism should allow anyone who needs to the ability to quickly turn off the power to the gate so that it doesn't continue to operate. It should also allow someone to manually override the gate and force it to open or close in case of an emergency.

#3 Install A Pedestrian Gate

Finally, a large gate should be used to allow vehicles into and out of your property. For pedestrian and foot traffic, you should install a smaller pedestrian gate on the side of your property. It can be located near your main gate or at a different point of your property. This will decrease the chance that your children or other individuals will be injured by trying to activate and walk through or climb over your gate. This will make it easier for people to get onto and off of your property without injuring themselves on your new electric gate.