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Update A White Vinyl Fence With Paint That Is A Darker Hue

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If you would like to update the white vinyl fences that surround your home by painting it a darker hue that complements the color of your house, complete the following steps. After completing the project, apply a coat of clear sealer over the painted vinyl to increase the shininess of the enclosure and to protect the fresh paint from fading or peeling. 


  • vinyl cloths
  • water hose
  • detergent
  • water
  • oxygenated bleach
  • soft-bristled scrub brush
  • roll of painter's tape
  • epoxy-based primer
  • epoxy-based paint
  • wooden stirrer
  • paint tray
  • paint rollers and brushes
  • roller frame
  • roller handle
  • waterproof sealer

Clean Both Sides Of The Fence And Cover Hardware And Latches

Lay vinyl cloths along both sides of the fence to protect the ground from spills. Use a water hose to spray a strong stream of water against both sides of the vinyl. If hard substances are stuck to portions of the fencing, remove them with soapy water and a soft-bristled scrub brush. Apply a small amount of oxygenated bleach to stubborn substances. Use water to rinse the cleaning agents from the fencing when finished. Use strips of masking tape to cover hardware and latches on the fence. 

Apply Epoxy-Based Primer And Paint

Stir the contents in a can of epoxy-based primer. Pour primer into a paint tray. Epoxy-based primer is a suitable product to use on vinyl fencing because it will provide a hard finish and will protect against chemicals or abrasive materials. Use a paint roller or paintbrush to apply a thin, even coat of primer to both sides of the fence. Move either tool from top to bottom or bottom to top while applying the primer. Wait a few hours for the primer to dry.

Stir epoxy-based paint and pour it into a clean, dry paint tray. After rinsing the paint roller or paintbrush with water, use one of the tools to apply a coat of paint over the primer. Again, wait several hours for the paint to dry. Visually inspect both sides of the fence and add another coat of paint if you aren't satisfied with the coverage that the first coat of paint provided. 

Add A Coat Of Waterproof Sealer

Stir a can of clear waterproof sealer and fill a clean, dry paint tray with the product. Use a clean roller or paintbrush to add a coat of waterproof sealer over the painted vinyl. Allow several hours for the sealer to dry before removing strips of masking tape from the fence and the vinyl cloths from the ground.