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Top 3 Choices Of Materials For New Custom Fencing With Modern, Trendy Style

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When it is time to install a fence around your commercial property, there are many different choices of materials. Some fencing is practical, such as chain link fence for animal enclosures, while other fencing is more attractive like wood and metal materials. If you want a custom fence that looks great, here are some of the best choices to give your new fence trendy style:

1. Wood Fencing with A Custom Modern Design

If you want a natural look for your fence, then use wood materials. The choices of wood fencing are numerous, and you can even combine different materials for a unique, custom look. For lighter wood colors, use materials like treated pine and white cedar with light colored sealants. For the darker materials, red cedar, tropical lumber and dark sealants will give you the look you are trying to achieve. In addition to using different types of lumber, you may also want to consider custom fence design choices like fence post caps, lattice work and other details that will give your fence a personal touch.

2. Iron and Metal Fencing for an Elegant Custom Fence

For a more elegant look in fence designs, metal materials work best. Most metal fences are made of either custom ironwork or manufactured aluminum materials. For more of a personalized custom design, use ironwork that can be made according to your specifications. If you want to have a metal fence on a smaller budget, aluminum is a great choice but will give you fewer options for customization. There are many aluminum fence styles to choose from and it is an affordable metal fencing solution that looks great in front entrances or as an enclosure for a pool area.

3. New Affordable Vinyl Fencing for More Options at An Affordable Price

The newest option for affordable custom fencing around your home is vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing materials are available in classic picket, metal and solid panel styles. Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials to use for your new fence, and is one of the only materials that is practically maintenance-free. If you want to have privacy and security, use solid vinyl panels that are designed to imitate the look of wood or masonry fencing.

These are some of the best choices for new fencing that has trendy style and a custom look. Contact a commercial fencing company and talk with them about some of these options for a new custom fence that fits in with your landscaping design.