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Four Reasons Wrought Iron Fencing Is A Good Choice For Surrounding Your Pool

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In many towns and cities, you are required to surround your pool with a fence in order to keep intruders from entering and potentially injuring themselves. Even if your municipality does not have this requirement, fencing in your pool is a good safety practice and will probably result in a reduction in your homeowners' insurance costs, too. But what kind of fence should you choose? There are so many options, from cedar wood, to vinyl, to stainless steel. However, wrought iron fencing is a choice that works well for many homeowners with pools. Here's why:

Wrought Iron Is Hard To Break In Through

There is no fencing material tougher than wrought iron. You do not have to worry about anyone sawing through it or pushing it down in order to gain access to your pool. As long as you choose a design that does not make it easy for someone to squeeze between the bars or climb over them, break-ins through the fence should not be a serious concern.

It's easy to design a wrought iron fence that nobody will climb over — just fit it with finials that are pointed on top. While you don't want finials that are are so sharp that they would actually injure someone (because that would be an insurance nightmare), there are styles that look sharp but that are actually gently rounded on top. They'll deter people from climbing because they look like they will do damage, though they really are harmless. 

Wrought Iron Won't Be Damaged By the Moisture

Pool areas are not generally very dry — you can bet that the fence will get splashed with water, at least when there are kids in the pool. All of this splashing can cause damage to a wooden fence, which may start rotting as it absorbs the water. Wrought iron fencing, however, won't rot when exposed to moisture. Wrought iron is incredibly sturdy, and even if it does start looking a little rusty after a decade or so, it will be strong and secure for many, many years to come.

You Can See Through The Fence

In order to make a wooden or vinyl fence secure, you typically need to make it solid. But a wrought iron fence can easily be designed so that you can see through it without it being weak. This is great if you want to be able to keep an eye on the kids or others in the pool while outside the pool area yourself. It also makes it easier for you to see any intruders, if they do visit your pool, without leaving your home and entering the fence. Plus, the open fencing design makes the pool look like a part of your landscaping rather than an isolated element in your yard.

Wrought Iron Has a Classic Appearance

The pool should be a place where you feel a little pampered, but still in the mood for fun. A wrought iron fence has a very classic look, which complements a pool well, while also being neutral enough not to take away from any pool design. The black color is typically a nice contrast to your pool, making for a balanced appearance. You won't have to paint the fence often to maintain this color. Just give the fence the occasional coat of black paint if it starts showing signs of rust as it ages.

If you need a safe, secure, and attractive fence for your pool, be sure to consider wrought iron. Talk to a fencing contractor at a company like Security Fence in your area to get an estimate and learn more about your design choices.