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Planning Issues Prior To Installing A Chainlink Security Fence For Your Auto Repair Shop

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If you are looking for a cost-effective way to secure your after-hours storage yard for cars at your automotive repair shop, then installing a chainlink security fence is a fantastic option.

However, while this type of fencing is made of simple materials, you still must plan for many things before it can be installed, including the:

  • location
  • dimensions
  • access points
  • additional security features 

To plan for purchasing your shop's new chainlink security fence, take a moment to address each of these issues:

Your Fence's Location and Dimensions

Before you do anything else, take a walk around your auto shop's yard and determine exactly where you want the security fencing installed. Marking out the area with either chalk or spray paint will help you better visualize the area and determine if there are any changes you want to make before committing to the fence.

In addition to the location of the new fence, you also need to decide how tall you would like for it to be. Typically, auto shops install fences taller than residential privacy models and then top them with one of the added security features listed below.

Your Fence's Access Points

When you are marking out the area for your fence to be installed, make sure you spend some time thinking about necessary access points. For example, will you have only one way to drive cars in and out of the secured area, or would you like to be able to drive through from one side to the other for larger vehicles that are harder to turn? Accommodating these things are much easier when you are initially planning versus once your fence has already been installed. 

Your Fence's Additional Security Features

If you have never shopped for a commercial security fence before, then you may not realize there are many additional security features available to further secure your customer's cars. For example, you can top the fence with:

  • concertina wire
  • razor wire
  • barbed wire
  • spikes

In addition, the fence can be cemented into the ground, monitored with security cameras, and include a wide variety of other custom security features.

Partner with a Professional Security Fencing Company 

Since your auto repair shop is responsible for keeping the cars in your care protected and safe even when your business is closed, it is important you partner with licensed security fencing services. Professional fencing companies have the specific experience to help you design and then install just the right chainlink fence to protect your property and the cars entrusted to your business.