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2 Tips For Purchasing An Ornamental Iron Fence

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Are you ready to purchase an ornamental iron fence for your home? You may be feeling a bit confused when you are basing your purchasing decision on prices and photos. Here are some tips that will help you build the right ornamental iron fence for your home.

Consider The Finish

Every ornamental iron fence is going to look great when it's brand new, but the finish on the material can make a big difference. Bare iron can rust when it is exposed to air, so some sort of finish is necessary to ensure that the material will look good for many years to come. While many people paint ornamental iron fences, paint does not hold up well over time. You may want fencing material that has a powder coating on it, which gives an even finish that is very durable. The coat won't shrink or have spider web cracks that cause the fence to look bad.

Consider The Construction

Pay attention to how the fencing material is constructed since it plays a big role in the longevity of the fencing material. A high-quality iron fence may use a punch rail system, which has a rail with holes in it that each rail is put through. This gives strength throughout the entire fence since the picket is part of that rail that is welded together. You may want to avoid a style that has the rail mounted on the side of each picket, known as a layover style. The fence not only looks bad on one side, but the rail may not give the fence the support it needs to remain sturdy over time. 

An iron fence should be fully welded in all places. Consider avoiding fencing material that uses rivets or screws to connect sections together. These sections can eventually fail over the years and be costly to repair and keep in good condition. In addition, find out how the panels will come to your home. While you may not think that it makes a difference if you are not doing the installation, you want to purchase a fence that comes in assembled panels. Anything that is unassembled will need to be put together on-site, which means less welding and more screws to hold it together. 

Still unsure of what to look for in an ornamental iron fence? Reach out to a fencing contractor, such as Canyon  Fence Co, for more information.