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Adding Some Privacy To Your Chain Link Fence With Fence Weave

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If you have chain link fencing around your property, you likely already know that it does a great job keeping kids and animals in while keeping the world out. It does not give you any privacy, but there is a way to get the privacy you want from your existing fence.

Adding A Barrier

The only way to add privacy to your existing chain link fencing is to add some barrier that will close the fence gaps and make it harder for people to see through. Products like silver fence weave or fence filler can fill the fencing material gaps and allow you to reduce people's ability to peer into your yard. 

These fillers are strips of polyethylene plastic that are cut to length and inserted into the gaps in the fence. The material blocks off the holes but still allows a little space for light and air to pass through the fence. 

Silver fence weave will blend in with the fence if you are looking for it to do so, but there are also many colors available that you can use to create a unique look for your fence. Mix and match the colors, and you can use fence weave to create patterns in the fence and create something visually appealing on your property. 

Covering The Entire Fence

Fence weave comes in rolls covering around forty square feet of fencing, so if you want to add it to the entire fence, you will need to measure the fence panel and the area you wish to cover. The height of the fence will affect the square footage, but you could use a fence weave to go halfway up the fence and cut down the amount you needed. 

How you use it and what part of the fence you install it on will change the amount you need. If you want to start with a small area, you can do that with a silver fence weave and then add to it later.  

Installing The Weave

Installing silver fence weave or any color is as simple as measuring the weave and cutting it to the length you need. Once you have the strip cut, you can weave it in and out of the openings on the fence. Start at the top and work down until you have all the material weaved in. 

The ends of the material use a rivet to secure them, and you can weave the material vertically, horizontally, or at an angle if you like. The pattern is up to you, and once the material is in place, the fence weave will last about five years before it needs redoing. 

For more information about fence fillers, such as Pexco brand silver fence weave, contact a fence contractor in your area.