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4 Ways To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard

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If you live in an area where deer are prevalent, you may find you have a hard time keeping them out of your yard. Deer will eat your flowers, destroy your gardens and can leave ticks behind in your yard. Ticks are known for causing Lyme disease and you want to do everything you can to keep your yard free of them. The tips detailed here will help you to keep the deer out of the areas you don’t want them coming into. Read More»

5 Helpful Tips For Taking Care Of Your Iron Fence

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An iron fence is sturdy and can add a lot of beauty to your home. However, if you want your fence to last a long time and avoid repairs, you have to properly maintain it. If your iron fence rusts, it can shorten its lifespan. Here are five helpful tips for taking care of your iron fence.  Protect It from Rain Since an iron fence is very prone to rusting, it is important to protect it from the rain. Read More»